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We are Manufacturing and Exporting Dehydrated Onion, Garlic, Spices Products of Exceptional Quality.

The dynamic and pioneering zeal of Jay Jalondhar Impex saw the establishment of the firm for raw onions trading in 1967 in Mahuva & the year 1992 is earmarked in the history of Jay Jalondhar Impex the manufacturer specializing in productions of Dehydrated Onions, Garlic & other vegetables under the management and technical guidance of Jay Jalondhar Impex

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: Quality :

Jay Jalondhar Impex always strives for excellence in all company's division.

Our years of experience within the food industry has resulted in deep knowledge of the ingredients we sell.

This knowledge is put to work in our Research and Development department through various projects and activities.

Focused training and further advanced training programmes for employees guarantee a high standard of qualification and productivity.

We maintain the highest standards for all the dried vegetable & spices we offer.

We have constantly upgraded our quality management systems and capabilities to meet the growing complexities of food safety problems.

Customer satisfaction and innovation are at the heart of our quality policy.

Whether you are a small food processor, retail packer or multinational, you can count on our sourcing and processing expertise, to make Murtuza Foods a seamless and integral part of your supply chain.


Sustainability - a powerful word that has a great impact on people and nature.
Today we have a duty to preserve nature in all its diversity and beauty for the people of tomorrow.
Our raw material sustainability initiative, works closely with the local farmers and provides them full education and support.
A practice of sustainable sourcing adds protection to the world's ecological balance, protects biodiversity and ensures that food manufacturers are using safe and quality ingredients.
This allows us to extend our control over the quality of the raw ingredients and maintain complete traceability.

: Social Responsibility :

We see the protection of human rights and the environment as part of our corporate duty of care.

We are accountable to the customers we serve, to the employees we work with, associated farmers and to the environment in which we exist.

Jay Jalondhar Impex honours its commitments to all of the above, and works United with them, Committing to give back more than what it takes.

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