Fried Onion and Dehydrated Garlic

Product Depscription – By way of JAY JOLANDHAR IMPEX, fried onions are a well-liked food item exported from India to numerous nations worldwide. The production of fried onions, a value-added product that may be made from fresh onions, is one of India’s main industries for the production and export of onions.

Specifications of fried onion

Dehydrated, crispy, golden-brown onion-flavored flakes or chunks that are air tightly packaged.


Applied mainly for canned soups, salads, hamburgers, pizzas & other fast food preparations when garlic appearance & textures is desired


Vastly used in varied food preparations whenever strong garlic flavor & taste are desired. Mainly utilized for pickles, sauces, canned/prepared meat or vegetables, dry mixes ethnic foods


Commonly used for bottled packs for retail stores used in sauces, salad dressings canned & prepared foods, meat bolls, dry casserole mixes


Mainly used in salad dressing, gravies, sauces, seasonings, cheese snacks etc. Utilized extensively by food service / restaurants in bottle packs or garlic salt retail sales


Widely applied in soups, sauces, seasoning, gravies,blends, meat products, canned meat & vegetable products, cheese, crackers, snacks, ethnic, specialty food preparations, butter spreads

Variety of Fried onion available

1.Fresh fried onion
2.Dehydrated fried onion
3.Pink fried onion
4.Brista onion
5.Golden fried onion

Packaging size

Fresh fried onions: Available in 400-500 gm plastic containers
Dehydrated fried onion: Available in sealed bags or cartons weighing 10 to 20 kg.
Pink fried onion: Available in airtight bags or cartons weighing 10 to 20 kilogram.
Brista onions are available in 10–20 kg sealed bags or cartons.
Golden fried onion, customizable and packaged in 10–20 kilograms airtight bags or cartons.

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